Withdrawal symptoms such as difficulty concentrating, feelings of unreality, and panic attacks can occur, indicating physical dependence on Xanax. Psychological effects are also significant, with increased anxiety or worsened depression often reported, which is paradoxical given Xanax’s intended use. Xanax addiction is a multifaceted issue that can stem from various causes.

What Does Adderall Addiction and Abuse Look Like?

For more information about side effects of Xanax, see the “Xanax side effects” section above. To learn more about cannabis and the drug, talk with your doctor. Taking Xanax with the herb St. John’s wort may lower the level of Xanax in your body. Here’s some information about herbs, supplements, and Xanax treatment.

Let’s talk about your recovery

what does xanax addiction look like

This comprehensive approach is designed to treat the whole person, not just the addiction, and is considered effective for sustaining long-term recovery. Xanax addiction, a serious concern for many https://ecosoberhouse.com/ individuals, requires a multi-faceted approach to treatment. Detoxification is often the first step, providing medical supervision to safely manage withdrawal symptoms and prevent complications.

Xanax overdose: Symptoms, dangers, and what to do – Medical News Today

Xanax overdose: Symptoms, dangers, and what to do.

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What to know about Xanax addiction treatment

If you are taking Xanax as prescribed, check with your doctor before taking another drug or drinking alcohol. Checking with a medical expert can reveal any potentially dangerous effects from mixing substances, and this could protect you against severe injury and dependence on Xanax. Doctors usually start someone on the smallest effective dose to avoid the potential for addiction and withdrawal symptoms. The dose may be increased depending on the response to treatment.

what does xanax addiction look like

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The process of becoming addicted to Xanax is different for each person. Xanax is a type of sedative that people use to treat conditions such as anxiety and panic disorder. However, this medication is prone to misuse, which can lead to addiction. Xanax is a medication xanax addiction approved by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) for the treatment of many mental health disorders. It has a specific appearance that can help you differentiate real Xanax from fake Xanax. Addiction treatment options may include inpatient or outpatient services.

And, Nelson says, it probably does not increase addiction. Some patients have also described xylazine withdrawal syndrome, which researchers are still trying to parse. “We’re still looking to characterize that and see how it might need to be treated differently than fentanyl,” says Perrone. Yes, there are test strips that use the exact same kind of technology as pregnancy tests.

  • Administration of active charcoal, hemodialysis, or whole bowel irrigation does not usually play a role in the treatment of Xanax overdose.
  • They may also be able to recommend tips on how to help prevent and ease side effects.
  • Wandler is the chief medical officer of Advanced Recovery Systems, which operates rehab facilities across the United States.
  • If you do develop serious side effects while taking Xanax, be sure to call your medical professional immediately.

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The effects of each drug can “stack” and increase the chance of overdose. Recognizing Xanax addiction signs and symptoms can help you know when to seek treatment for yourself or a loved one. Xanax addiction can be serious and affect a person’s mood, behavior and physical characteristics.

Xanax – Uses, Side Effects, and More